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Panjaa Trailer Review

Posted by Aditya on December 3, 2011 at 10:40 PM

*Sarah Jane Loves Gardening and Pawan kalyan jumping scene even happens at the garden area so it might sound odd but I feel Pawan Kalyan comes to Garden and sees Sarah at a point and fall in love.

*The Scene where Sarah Jane asks “Indhaka Edho Chepthav annav Kadha ” and Pavan replying “Nena”. Conveys that PAWAN KALYAN is the first one who will fall in love with SARAH JANE DIAS.

*Pawan talking himself at the mirror conveys one thing that Sarah Jane name in the movie is “SANDYA”.

* Even Sarah Smiling at a point while plucking a flower conveys even she loves Pawan but wants him to propose first.

* A scene where Pawan shown with two guns even shows “Atul Kulkarni” which means they plan to kill PAWAN KALAYN at some point in the movie. (This Shot could have Edited)

*A Scene where Pawan Kalyan shown with Scaf closing his eyes showcases that Pawan Challenges his opponents he will complete the challenge with his eyes closed or a Fight to save a girl from KIDNAP which happens later in the TRAILER (Just a Wild Guess)

*Sarah Jane Dias playing DANDIYA at a function, which means there’s an event on the DASSERA festival season. Even Pawan in Nice white and white dress shows even he will attend the Occasion.

* Red Car with two friends drinking BEER and Peeping out of the Car where Villain’s Son driving the car. Even Pawan Kalyan is showed as the car stops with a BREAK. (Feel Pawan Might kidnap the Villain’s SON)

*A body upside down and Pawan Kalyan saying to Bhramanandam “”Last Peg Vesi Shambahivudini vesesi eppudu emi telinattu aduguthunava”. Conforms that Pawan Kills one of Subbaraju’s colleage at a village and covers the case by giving the credit to Paparaayudu (Bhramanandam).

*Anjali Lavania showcasing her cleavage show conforms that there’s a song which is shot in too HOT mode.

*A lighter in hand is shown in the trailer with a gang of girls in blur shot shows that Girls might have been drenched in  and Villain tries to burn them. (Wild Guess)

*The Shot where Pawan in black dress with angry looks shows that a scene before he might have fought with a gang and cell in his hand conform that he is answering the villains call after the fight.

*The way Parchuri Venkateshwar Rao stands conforms that, he is playing important role as Villain’s close person. (As a Villains right hand because he even seen in a scene with Villains later in the Trailer)

*Pawan Covering himself with a mask conveys he want to hide from someone and control the situation (There might even include a FIGHT)

*A scene in which includes a yellow taxi and four people and some of them dragging one person conforms a KIDNAP sequence.

*A scene where Atul standing and background with DURGA matha (Goddess) conforms the point pawan talks a call in point from VILLAINS place. Which means he he kills everyone at the Villains Adda.

*Pawan drenched with blood and surrounded by the a gang shows that pawan wanted enters their area for some reason. (For obvious reasons REVENGE)

*Hitting a person at the Train store conforms there is a chase sequence.

*Rainy night and Pawan driving in night have a good impact in the movie. As per my knowledge it might be a scene after he losses someone/thing close.

*Jackie Shroff throwing the chair behind his back shows he is getting irritated by some obvious reason its PAWAN KALYAN. (Or He gets to know Pawan Kidnaps his son)

*Blast behind Pawan Kalyan conforms that there is a scene where pawan wontedly blast an area of come vehicle.

* A Scene with a voice over “Sayam pondhinavadu kruthagnyatha chupinchaka povadam entha Thappo,

Sayam chesinavadu Kyuthagnyatha korukodam kuda anthe thappu” conform Pawan’s Mentality in the movie and it might be the climax dialogue/ Starting Dialogue of the movie.

*Heroine getting dragged conforms that there is a scene where villain try to kidnap SARAH to plan something against Pawan Kalyan

* Jackie shroff with shaal on and seeing someone close dying in front of him. (100% it’s his son’s death)


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