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Panjaa Trailer Review

Posted by Aditya on December 3, 2011 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (1)

*Sarah Jane Loves Gardening and Pawan kalyan jumping scene even happens at the garden area so it might sound odd but I feel Pawan Kalyan comes to Garden and sees Sarah at a point and fall in love.

*The Scene where Sarah Jane asks “Indhaka Edho Chepthav annav Kadha ” and Pavan replying “Nena”. Conveys that PAWAN KALYAN is the first one who will fall in love with SARAH JANE DIAS.

*Pawan talking himself at the mirror conveys one thing that Sarah Jane name in the movie is “SANDYA”.

* Even Sarah Smiling at a point while plucking a flower conveys even she loves Pawan but wants him to propose first.

* A scene where Pawan shown with two guns even shows “Atul Kulkarni” which means they plan to kill PAWAN KALAYN at some point in the movie. (This Shot could have Edited)

*A Scene where Pawan Kalyan shown with Scaf closing his eyes showcases that Pawan Challenges his opponents he will complete the challenge with his eyes closed or a Fight to save a girl from KIDNAP which happens later in the TRAILER (Just a Wild Guess)

*Sarah Jane Dias playing DANDIYA at a function, which means there’s an event on the DASSERA festival season. Even Pawan in Nice white and white dress shows even he will attend the Occasion.

* Red Car with two friends drinking BEER and Peeping out of the Car where Villain’s Son driving the car. Even Pawan Kalyan is showed as the car stops with a BREAK. (Feel Pawan Might kidnap the Villain’s SON)

*A body upside down and Pawan Kalyan saying to Bhramanandam “”Last Peg Vesi Shambahivudini vesesi eppudu emi telinattu aduguthunava”. Conforms that Pawan Kills one of Subbaraju’s colleage at a village and covers the case by giving the credit to Paparaayudu (Bhramanandam).

*Anjali Lavania showcasing her cleavage show conforms that there’s a song which is shot in too HOT mode.

*A lighter in hand is shown in the trailer with a gang of girls in blur shot shows that Girls might have been drenched in  and Villain tries to burn them. (Wild Guess)

*The Shot where Pawan in black dress with angry looks shows that a scene before he might have fought with a gang and cell in his hand conform that he is answering the villains call after the fight.

*The way Parchuri Venkateshwar Rao stands conforms that, he is playing important role as Villain’s close person. (As a Villains right hand because he even seen in a scene with Villains later in the Trailer)

*Pawan Covering himself with a mask conveys he want to hide from someone and control the situation (There might even include a FIGHT)

*A scene in which includes a yellow taxi and four people and some of them dragging one person conforms a KIDNAP sequence.

*A scene where Atul standing and background with DURGA matha (Goddess) conforms the point pawan talks a call in point from VILLAINS place. Which means he he kills everyone at the Villains Adda.

*Pawan drenched with blood and surrounded by the a gang shows that pawan wanted enters their area for some reason. (For obvious reasons REVENGE)

*Hitting a person at the Train store conforms there is a chase sequence.

*Rainy night and Pawan driving in night have a good impact in the movie. As per my knowledge it might be a scene after he losses someone/thing close.

*Jackie Shroff throwing the chair behind his back shows he is getting irritated by some obvious reason its PAWAN KALYAN. (Or He gets to know Pawan Kidnaps his son)

*Blast behind Pawan Kalyan conforms that there is a scene where pawan wontedly blast an area of come vehicle.

* A Scene with a voice over “Sayam pondhinavadu kruthagnyatha chupinchaka povadam entha Thappo,

Sayam chesinavadu Kyuthagnyatha korukodam kuda anthe thappu” conform Pawan’s Mentality in the movie and it might be the climax dialogue/ Starting Dialogue of the movie.

*Heroine getting dragged conforms that there is a scene where villain try to kidnap SARAH to plan something against Pawan Kalyan

* Jackie shroff with shaal on and seeing someone close dying in front of him. (100% it’s his son’s death)


ESO discovers most similar planetary system to our own

Posted by Aditya on June 28, 2011 at 2:31 AM Comments comments (0)

Astronomers have discovered a planetary system containing at least five and possibly seven planets, orbiting the Sun-like star HD 10180.  It makes the system the most similar to our own yet discovered.

The team also found evidence that the distances of the planets from their star follow a regular pattern, as also seen in our Solar System.

"We have found what is most likely the system with the most planets yet discovered," says Christophe Lovis, lead author of the paper reporting the result.

"Studies of planetary motions in the new system reveal complex gravitational interactions between the planets and give us insights into the long-term evolution of the system."

The team used the HARPS spectrograph, attached to ESO’s 3.6-metre telescope at La Silla, Chile, for a six-year-long study of HD 10180, located 127 light-years away in the southern constellation of Hydrus.

The astronomers detected the tiny motions of the star caused by the gravitational attractions from five or more planets. The five strongest signals indicate planets with roughly the mass of Neptune, which orbit with periods ranging from six to 600 days. They lie between 0.06 and 1.4 times the Earth–Sun distance from their star.

"We also have good reasons to believe that two other planets are present," says Lovis.

One would be a Saturn-like planet orbiting in 2,200 days. The other would be the smallest exoplanet yet discovered, with a mass about 1.4 times that of the Earth. It's very close to its host star, at just two percent of the Earth–Sun distance.

"This object causes a wobble of its star of only about three kilometers per hour — slower than walking speed — and this motion is very hard to measure," says team member Damien Ségransan. If confirmed, it would be a hot rocky planet, similar to Corot-7b.

The inner region of the system is more populated than our own. It probably has no Jupiter-like gas giant. Unlike in our solar system, all the planets seem to have almost circular orbits.

So far, astronomers know of fifteen systems with at least three planets. The last record-holder was 55 Cancri, which contains five, two of them being giant planets. “Systems of low-mass planets like the one around HD 10180 appear to be quite common, but their formation history remains a puzzle,” says Lovis.

Using the new discovery as well as data for other planetary systems, the astronomers found an equivalent of the Titius–Bode law that exists in our Solar System: the distances of the planets from their star seem to follow a regular pattern.

They also found a relationship between the mass of a planetary system and the nature of its host star.

All very massive planetary systems are found around massive and metal-rich stars, while the four lowest-mass systems are found around lower-mass, metal-poor stars. Such properties confirm current theoretical models.

"This remarkable discovery also highlights the fact that we are now entering a new era in exoplanet research: the study of complex planetary systems and not just of individual planets," says Lovis.

How to know the date of OS installed

Posted by Aditya on June 22, 2011 at 7:43 AM Comments comments (0)

To run the script, copy the following lines to a Notepad document, and save as a file with .VBS extension (use double-quotes) and double-click the file. The installation date and time would be displayed.


strComputer = "."

Set dtmInstallDate = CreateObject( _


Set objWMIService = GetObject("winmgmts:" _

  & "{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!\\" _

  & strComputer & "\root\cimv2")

Set colOperatingSystems = objWMIService.ExecQuery _

  ("Select * from Win32_OperatingSystem")

For Each objOperatingSystem in colOperatingSystems

  MsgBox "Install Date: " & getmydat (objOperatingSystem.InstallDate)

Next Function getmydat(wmitime)

  dtmInstallDate.Value = wmitime

  getmydat = dtmInstallDate.GetVarDate

End function


Cinee Maa Awards --- 2011

Posted by Aditya on June 21, 2011 at 12:01 PM Comments comments (0)

Lux Cinee Maa Awards hedd ad Nova Hotel HYD on 19th of june.

Best film – Maryada Ramanna


Best actor – Bala Krishna (Simha)


Best actress – Kajal Agarwal (Brindavanam)


Best director – Gowtam Menon (Ye Maya Chesave)


Best music director – AR Rahman (Ye Maya Chesave)




Best debut actor – Rana Daggubati (Leader)


Best debut actress – Samantha (Ye Maya Chesave)


Best villain –Nagineedu (Maryada Ramanna)


Supporting Cast Best supporting actor – Sai Kumar (Prasthanam)


Best supporting actress – Suhasini (Leader)


Best comedian – Brahmanandam (Adhurs)


Best cinematographer – Manoj Paramahamsa (Ye Maya Chesave)


Critics Choice


Critics choice film – Prasthanam (Deva Katta)


Critics choice director – Krish (Vedam)


Critics choice actor – Prabhas (Darling)


Critics choice actress – Anushka (Vedam)


Jury appreciation – Nagayya (Vedam)


Promising face of the year – Tapsee Pannu (Jhummandi Naadam)


Special appreciation award – Sunil (Maryada Ramanna)


Lifetime achievement award – SP Bala Subramanyam.


Teen sells kidney to buy iPad 2

Posted by Aditya on June 6, 2011 at 11:35 AM Comments comments (0)

A teenager in China's Anhui province has sold his right kidney to buy an iPad 2. His mother, who knew nothing of his plans, now hopes to hunt down the criminals who disabled him, a media report said.Seventeen-year-old Xiao Zheng had been dreaming of a new iPad 2 for a while, but the price was beyond his means.

Zheng found an agent ready to buy his kidney and travelled to Hunan province in central China to undergo surgery in a local hospital. With the 22,000 yen ($3,900) he was paid, Zheng bought a new iPad 2 and iPhone and then returned home, according to a report on the Dongfang TV channel Thursday.

'Xiao Zheng returned home with a computer and a new Apple phone. We do not have the money for such expensive gadgets. At first, he did not want to tell me where he got that much money from. Later he confessed he had sold his right kidney to buy these things,' his mother told the channel.

After she learned the truth, Zheng's mother travelled with her son back to the hospital, only to discover that the operating theater had been rented out for commercial use to a businessman from Fujian province. Several attempts to reach the agents failed, as their phones were switched off.

Zheng's health is deteriorating day by day, and his mother said she hopes she will be able to find the criminals who disabled her son.


Vaishali Movie Review KAG

Posted by Aditya on May 29, 2011 at 7:17 AM Comments comments (2)

Movie: Vaishali

My Rating: 4/5

Banner: Sri Venkateswara Creations

Music: Thaman

Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa

Producers: Dil Raju & Shankar

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Arivazhagan

Cast: Aadhi, Sindhu Menon, Nandhu & Saranya Mohan etc

Release Date: 27th May 2011





Vasu (Aadhi) falls in love with Vaishali (Sindhu Menon) during their college days. Vaishali accepts the love of Vasu but clarifies him that her father’s approval is a must for the marriage. Her father disapproves Aadi and marries his daughter off to another guy. After a few years, Aadi becomes an IPS officer and Vaishali kills herself. Aadi is given the responsibility of the investigation. The rest of the story is all about how Aadi cracks the case and brings guilty to book.


Artists Performance:


Aadhi (son of Raviraja Pinisetti) has sharp features and suited the author-backed role really well. His expressions are subtle and body language is effective. Sindhu Menon does a fantastic job in the title role which is bound to attract lot of sympathy. Saranya Mohan played the role of Sindhu’s sister and she is efficient. Nandha who did the role of Sindhu’s husband carries off himself well.


Technical Departments:


It is a super-natural thriller that is dealt in a realistic way. Debutant director Arivazhagan Venkatachalam comes up with a film of new genre that deals with love, relationship, supernatural elements, investigations and societal nature in typical apartment dwellers. The director has stuck with an innovative narration throughout the movie. He is also technically very sound.


Manoj Paramahamsa’s (Ye Maya Chesave fame) cinematography is of top-rate. He maintained uniform texture for the entire movie. Music by Thaman is a revelation. Thaman who has given popular music for several Telugu films like Kick, Brindavanam and Mirapakai has shown the other side of him with the music he has provided for this movie. Music (both songs and background music) is suave and technically brilliant. Production values and dubbing by the producers Shankar and Dil Raju are flawless.


Final Analysis:


This film is the dubbed version of Tamil’s blockbuster Eeram. First half of the film is very gripping. Second half should have been more compact. It is a supernatural crime thriller and is very different from the films we see in Telugu. The success of the film will depend on how Telugu movie lovers embrace the supernatural aspect of the movie. It’s a technically good movie and is worth dubbing in Telugu. And makes a decent watch.